live ice sculpting & big projects

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We've sculpted ice live at several of the largest theme parks in the world (in Orlando) and carved at the largest ice competition in the world (the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska). We have a Guinness World Record in ice sculpture and are certified competition ice sculptors. You might see an Ice Pro ice sculpture at a special event OR you might run into our ice pros actually creating ice art while they are working on ICEBAR Orlando!

working on ICEBAR’s polar bear

a live carving demo for Buick

chainsawing ice blocks for ICEBAR

sexy live dancers in ice boxes flanking a shot bar; kind of a different live ice exhibition

taking a break from building ICEBAR Orlando

a Frozen Four ice sculpting demo

oops, got stuck in ICEBAR!

finishing up a sculpture for the Frozen Four

dueling sword and sailfish, carved live at an Orlando food show

live ice carving gets lots of attention from photographers

some of our work at the world’s biggest permanent ice bar, ICEBAR Orlando

Joe Rimer of Ice Pro adds a slab to a sculpture

Team Ice Pro-Guinness World Record holders for the world’s longest ice bar

working on a menorah for an audience

more to come...