ice bars

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The coolest event decor, bar none!

Let us create a functioning bar for you totally out of ice that wows your guests. Whether it is for your wedding, bar mitzvah, or corporate function, whatever your special event is we can add that extra interactive pop that everyone will be talking about. Invite your guests to have an ice cold drink at the ice cold bar. The drinks can even come in ice glassware!

customized monogram ice bar for a wedding reception

long custom monogram bar with twin mask luges

ASUG Optimal logo bar

A different kind of ice bar: with live dancers in ice “cages”

bar for the Coors Light Coldest Party

the Coors Light Coldest Party girls with an ice bottle

gargoyle circular ice bar

bubble sushi bar

some of our work at ICEBAR Orlando

10 foot monogram bar

Bud Light Platinum bottle bar

replace with a new bar pic

building our Guinness World Record ice bar and ice luge

watermelon bar

ice shot glasses,
ready to go
(square shot glasses are also available)

jukebox bar

custom monogram bar

western ice bar

ICEBAR Orlando bar

logo ice bar and martini luge

Transitions Championship
ice bar

wedding ice bar with names

Transitions Championship
ice bar

360 degree logo bar

3 tiered champagne holder

8 foot angelfish bar

food & liquor service table

Michelob Ultra logo
with frozen bottles

aquarium oyster bar

TV bar

square shot glass

customized graphic ice bar