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Check out our MONSTER ice block!

Ice Pro has a special kind of ice block available for your ice sculptures: It’s an oversized block that we call the Monster Block! We exclusively produce one of the largest ice blocks in the lower 48 so that we can create larger sculptures with a clearer and cleaner presentation.

A typical ice block is only 40” tall by 20” wide while our Monster Block is 40” tall by 32” wide, resulting in a block that has 60% more space for an engraved logo! That means we can produce an superior oversized logo piece with NO SEAMS through the middle of the logo. Our Monster Block has already been used for demanding events in Florida, Memphis, and New Orleans! Even better, if you’re an ice sculptor, you can buy a Monster Block from us and use it for your own sculpture!
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On the left, the old way: A 30” round logo carving has to be assembled from two pieces of ice, requiring careful positioning and resulting in an unsightly seam through the middle! On the right, the Monster Block way: a 30” round logo carving is cut from ONE piece of ice, resulting in a much cleaner look!

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Several Monster Blocks were integrated into this elaborate 360 degree ice bar produced for an event in Orlando. Another colorfilled Monster Block is displayed over a pool in Memphis.
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A Monster Block is used for an Intel logo ice sculpture while Lianne Rimer of Ice Pro stands in front of a colorfilled Monster Block, still in the freezer at our studio in Parrish, FL.

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A Monster Block gives us the space we need to freeze these eight fish into a block and another block proves useful in creating this oversized scallop shell sculpture.