small ice centerpieces

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Using our small table centerpieces can be a creative and brilliant alternative to floral arrangements. With these smaller pieces, every table can have their own fantastic work of illuminated ice!

globe orb

basketball logo orb

Mardi Gras mask orb

neon orbs

orchid orb

fire & ice orb
(blue lighting)

fire & ice orb

closeup of an Orlando Magic basketball orb

Oscar with stars orb

poinsettia orb

spooky skull orb

sunflower & Beetle orb

white rose orb

a variety of different flower orbs, being readied for delivery

wintery snowflake centerpiece

regal lion

personalized Berkeley crest table centerpiece

double heart with photo centerpiece

small “M” centerpiece

treble clef and photo

elevated table signage ice sculpture

elevated table ice centerpiece

double heart centerpiece

cherub centerpiece

heart centerpiece

star centerpiece

short ice vase for flowers

fleur-de-lis centerpiece